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Offset Electrical Services

If you have a web press that you need to have a qualified web press electrician to install, remove, relocate, upgrade or just updated to make it run better, Offset Electrical, Inc. is the company you need to turn to.  We specialize in printing press installations, relocations, and removals.

List of Equipment We Have Worked On

Heidelberg Harris

  • Sunday 2000
  • M1000A
  • M1000A2
  • M1000B
  • M1000BE
  • M600
  • M110
  • M110a
  • M110B
  • M1110C
  • V30
  • M300
  • M200
  • M130

Baker Perkins

  • G14
  • G16


  • Mark 4
  • Mark 6

Tre Su Group

  • 22 Unit Flexo


  • 3845 4 Unit
  • 3485 6 Unit

Man Roland

  • Polyman

Timson T32

Goss Community

Auxilary Equipment

  • Folders TC3, TCF60, 2FF, PFF, JF50, Berien
  • Sheeters: Vits, Oxy Dry, Harris
  • Rotary Cutter: Sheaffers, Baldwin, WPM
  • Dryers: Meg Tec, Tec, Coanda
  • Splicers: Meg, Martin, Flying Paster
  • Cutoff Controls : Quad-TEC, WPC, Innolutions
  • Color Systers: Telecolor, Telecolor II, Monograph, Perreta, GMI, EPG
  • Register Systems: Quad-Tec, RGS4, RGS5, WPC, Innolutions
  • Spray Dampening: Baldwin
  • Vibra Pacs
  • Lampson Blowers
  • Chillers
  • Afterburners
  • PLCS: TI 505, 550, 565, Allen Bradley, Siemens
  • WEB Break Detectors, Quad Tec

Our goal is to work with the customer to provide a timely and professional installation. So if you need a press electrically moved, altered or upgraded just call 573-280-2445, or email gary@presselectrician.com, for more information or references.

Previous Projects

Indianapolis, Indiana
Install 2 Unit Hantscho

Melbourne, Australia
Moving an 8 unit (4 over 4), Sunday 3000 from Melburne to Quebec City, Canada, with a 5 story folder. Working with Richard Carr, Ltd, from New Zealand to be reinstalled in Canada


Effingham, Illinois
4 Unit M300
Going to Brazil

St. Paul, Minnesota

Swap out 5 M110 brush units with 5 M110 duatrol units.

Shephardsville, Kentucky

Remove 8 units Hantcho Mark IV and reinstall with 8 Hantcho Mark VI A units. Units have Dahlgren dampening and Perretta inking!

Kendallville, Indiana

Service call
Install program in TI Basic module.
An oldie but goody!!


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We Work All Over the World

Our principals have completed jobs in: Lima, Peru; Recife, Brazil; Auckland, New Zealand; Sydney, Australia; Melbourne, Australia; Beijing, China; Eno, Finland; San Juan del Rio, Mexico; Culiacan, Mexico; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Toluca, Mexico; Merida, Mexico; Ecuador; Guayaquil; Canada - Montreal, Vancouver, Ontario, and Halifax


Running short of your maintenance?
We can in fill for you. Our electricians are very knowledgeable on trouble shooting most equipment. We can get you covered!