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About Offset Electrical, Inc.

Offset Electrical, Inc is an innovative company that specializes in new electrical installs and moves of web presses. As web press electricians dedicated to the printing industry, we offer a wide range of experience with Heidelberg Harris, Baker Perkins, Man Roland, Beiren, Hantscho web presses and Goss Sundays 2000, 3000, 4000, Gopfert, KBA, Tipton and various other equipment for all types of industries.

Based in the central United States, our staff has traveled all over the world performing printing press relocations, electrical installations, and removals.  We are available to travel to most parts of the world to perform your press installation, removal, or relocate.

If your business is acquiring a new or used press and requires web press electrician services, we are the ones to call.  Have a web press you need to relocate?  Offset Electrical, Inc. will come to your site and prepare your press for moving, then reinstall once the unit is set in its new location.

Our Principles

Gary Gardner

Gary Gardner is Vice President of Offset Electrical, Inc. and has approximately 30 years experience on presses and 45 years experience in the electrical industry. In his early years he held a Masters in Texas.  Gary has extensive knowledge of press installations as well as all kinds of industrial electrical installations. His work includes equipment from Hantscho, Heidelberg Harris, Beiren, Timpson, Harris, Man Roland, and Baker Perkins, plus others. He has experience with automated press controls and trouble shooting on a vast number of press start-ups with TI 565 controls and upgrades using AB PLC's.

Cathy Gardner

Cathy is President of Offset Electrical, Inc. She started in accounting with 25 years experience and decided to travel with Gary and help install presses. She has been working in the field for 20 years. Together they have completed many projects all over the world.

Our goal is to work with the customer to provide a timely and professional installation.

If you need a press electrically moved, altered or upgraded just call 573-280-2445, or email gary@presselectrician.com, for more information or references.